Saturday, December 18, 2010


8 Shirley at Lanyi Parish

Our mission group has returned from Lui with a great sense of wonder and gratitude for the marvelous work that the church leaders and members are doing there.  Our group included people with skills and experience in ministry, education, healthcare, building, economics and administration.  We spent 9 days in Lui; the remainder of our two weeks taken up with travel.  We were able to accomplish most of the training that our hosts had asked us to conduct, and in the process we learned a great deal about the challenges faced by church and society in Southern Sudan. We also learned a great deal about steadfast faith, great joy and commitment to community and the future.  The future for Southern Sudan is perilous, with a referendum due on 9 January that will almost certainly result in the division of Sudan into two nations, and a serious possibility that civil war will break out again.  The church in Lui is planning how it will try to cope with housing, education and welfare for an influx of refugees from the North.  At the same time it is working on developments in ministry, education, health and agriculture for the community as a whole.  Our life is so easy compared to theirs! What can we do to help?

Here are some photographs from our visit.

Anne Powell

1 The Mission Team – Rev Emily Bloemker (Missouri), Rev Göran Rossman (Lund), Jeannie Stevens (Blackmore Vale), Rev Marie Körner (Lund) Debra Morris Smith (Missouri), Rick Kuhn (Missouri), Rev Shirley Smith (Blackmore Vale), Anne Powell (Blackmore Vale)

2 Jeannie and Emily discussing with Mothers Union Leaders

3 Children at Lunjini School

4 Jeannie was invited to stay and train teachers


5 Shirley and Anne with participants at the Pastors’ Conference

6 The Ministry Team of Doroh Parish

7 Sunday worship at Doroh Parish Church