Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello from Lui

First of all many apologies that we have not been able to give you updates of what has been happening here. The internet/ computers have been giving some problems so that has interfered with Anne's computer training but she is working very hard to catch up with it. This morning we visited the Bishop who looked very poorly but sends his love to everyone and thanked us for coming.

I have been to the hospital and to the midwifery section and the labour ward!. We also had a good time with the Italian surgeon here Dr Fabio and his wife. There are no trained nurses.

 We are looking forward to coming home and sharing with you all we have seen and done.We will also have a few thoughts and recommendations. I hope we have been able to be of some help. We led a conference where our aim was to help Pastors encourage their churches to be self supporting.

It has been a good group and we have helped one another. The three of us have stayed well so far but two of our American Colleagues have been ill and I have done my best to care for them. They are recovering now Thank goodness.

Tomorrow we fly back to Kampala for debriefing and to say goodbye to Debbie and Rick and Emily our American friends. Then we fly back into Heathrow on Sunday morning.

Thank you for your prayers and love to you all.
Shirley, on behalf of Anne and Jeannie

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