Monday, November 8, 2010

We are online

hello Everyone,
At last we are on line! Problems with computers here. We are all well and working very hard in intense heat.Last Friday and Saturday we led workshops for Sunday School teachers and Youth Leaders. The Sunday School work was very interactive which our Sudanese friends are not used to. It was fun as we all got stuck into actions songs, and creating pictures using only materials that we found on the ground locally! The workshop for Youth Leaders ended up with us doing HIV and AIDS education.
On Sunday we each went to different parishes.  Anne went to Lui Cathedral, Jeannie to Doro Village and Shirley to Laniyi.  The van, which was taking both Shirley and Jeannie with their interpreters broke down on the way, but they survived, and a pastor walked several miles in the late morning heat to fetch water for them to drink whilst the driver fixed the vehicle.  The worship here is lively and lovely and people are so welcoming.
It is amazing what they do with so little.  We visited the hospital which was upsetting to see so many needs. 
Today we have been leading workshops for Mothers Union and for Pastors.  We asked how the Pastors from a number of villages had travelled to the conference.  Most had walked and in some cases amazing distances.  One pastor walked 39 miles the previous day to get to us. One of the major problems is transportation around the diocese.  The whole situation here puts our context into perspective!  We are very blessed and should do all we can to help and encourage them.
Prayer happens all the time and the Bible is very important to them.
Bishop Bullen has been unwell.  He has had an operation and we are told he looks very frail. We hope to visit him before we leave.
Please continue to pray for peace. The political situation for Sudan doesn't look optimistic and it's very worrying to think what the future for these lovely people could be.
With our love
Shirley, Jeannie and Anne

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