Thursday, November 4, 2010

Preparations for the second trip to Lui 2nd-14th November 2010.

I write this as Anne Powell, Jeannie Stevens and myself Shirley Smith make final preparations for the Blackmore Vale Deanery visit to Lui in the Sudan. Firstly I want to say a huge thank you for all your support financially and also by your prayers and good wishes. I asked Anne and Warren to go last year on our behalf but they were going into the unknown. How helpful it is to have Anne with us to give us her experience from last year’s visit. I am so thankful too for the work that Warren Ingham Barrow has done in the background in terms of buying our air tickets and the general administration of our journey.
We leave Heathrow at approximately 10.45am on Tuesday 2nd November arriving in Entebbe, Kampala at 22.10. We then meet up with our American colleagues from Missouri and two Swedish Missioners. We will stay there for two days in the MAF
 (Mission Aviation Fellowship) guest house while we prepare to travel on to Lui.

During our stay in Lui we will be facilitating four conferences.
a)     Youth Conference.
We will try to explore together How Young people can help develop the local church?

b)     Sunday School Teachers Conference.
How can we be effective teachers? How to teach children of different ages.

c)     Pastor’s Conference.
How can a local church be self supporting and the role of the Pastor in this process. We will be looking at the gifts of the Spirit, the time people can offer and the money they might be able to give together with transparency of accounting of finances.

d)     Mother’s Union Conference.
We will be focusing on the role of women in the development of the family and of the local church. How can women improve the economy of the family and the local church?
 I feel very confident and privileged with my travelling companions Anne and Jeannie and also with the leader of the whole Mission, Debbie Morris Smith who many of you will have met at Deanery Synod when she was over here last year.

I do have responsibility for the Group’s health and there is no doctor at the moment in Lui hospital so I ask for your prayers for the Health of all the Missioners, for our meetings with the people of Lui. For Bishop Bullen Dolli who is ill at the present time and for God’s purposes and glory in all we do.
As and when we can we will update you on life in Lui so please keep an eye on the websites of your Parishes/Benefices. Thank you for sending us.

With Every Blessing
Shirley Smith

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